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Keep your
project's lift plans
on track.

Manage, allocate and track the utilisation of cranes and all construction plant on site.

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Data is the new oil

Our Autolog feature makes it super easy to capture crane events and activities with two successive taps that feel like one.


You can now harvest live crane data and ensure accountability by accurately identifying daily operational bottlenecks and delays via actionable insightful reports.



  • Plant allocations vs actual usage

  • Overall usage of plant

  • Effect of downtime on plant utilisation

Accountability tool is here!

Your data - yours forever!

Download pdf or csv reports on demand. Integrate your data into third party applications and visualise your data your way.

1Guava promotes a data-driven mindset that enables you to anticipate project needs, make more intelligent decisions and achieve desired project outcomes.


Calendar view Scheduler

Our intuitive scheduler provides the fastest way to allocate cranes and other plants with a simple drag and drop feature.

Allocate cranes and other construction plants to sub-contractors, project areas in less than a minute.


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Autospot gaps in logs

Our smart algorithms spot all gaps in crane logs with actionable alerts. We actively get all the bubbles out of your data.

Never miss a beat

A complete auditing trail you can trust. Get notified of all important events that matter to you. Have complete control of what goes in and out.

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    Military Grade Security

It's black and white when it comes to security - we take it personal! This is why every account created on 1Guava has 2FA as a standard. That means even if a hacker has your credentials, they can't login into your accounts unless you authorise them.

We provide the same level of protection as used by your online banking - 256 bit SSL(Secure Socket Layer).


Projects are performing Better with 


Don't take our words for it. Happy clients speak for us!



At 1Guava we believe that managing cranes and other construction plants on site should be simple. When we founded 1Guava in 2019, there was no such thing as a streamlined solution for allocating and tracking plant utilisation - so we built one. Since then our team has grown from just two founders to over ten employees who come from all walks of life yet share a common goal of making construction simpler than ever before! As a team of builders and engineers ourselves, we know what it's like to struggle with an underperforming crane fleet on your project. We've been there—and have built a product that solves this problem once and for all.


You can now:

  •  Get the best out of cranes on site, 

  • Increase the utilisation and productivity of cranes

  • Identify operational bottlenecks and delays 

  • Protect yourself from claims and subcontractor disputes and many more.


1Guava unify lifting teams on busy projects in real-time. Our platform delivers on-demand reporting systems that ensure project critical-paths are met in a few taps, as well as operations management and lift allocations that ensure your team knows exactly where to be at any given time. We believe that when you have access to all the information you need at your fingertips, the sky's the limit! Smarter construction companies recognise that data is one of their critical business assets making them experiment and innovate at a faster pace through 1Guava.


Our mission is to make crane management easy, accessible, and affordable for anyone that owns cranes or utilises them. In other words - we want to free you up so you can focus on what matters most.


"1Guava is an exceptional tracking tool that has greatly impacted our project, both in terms of operations and finances. It allows users to monitor the allocation of crane time to each trade, which can be useful in resolving disputes with subcontractors. The data captured on 1Guava is processed and presented in professional charts, providing clear and concise information. For example, 1Guava can clearly demonstrate the usage of crane time for each Sub-Contractor, this helps the project allocate the right crane allowance to certain trades as some sub-contractors contractually have a certain amount of hours per day.


I highly recommend that all contractors adopt 1Guava for professional and accurate tracking of site activities."

Alex Whitmore, Commercial Manager - Lendlease

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